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Draft Copy – as of September 25, 2019

St. Andrew’s United Church is an inclusive and affirming Christian community of faith located in the downtown core of North Bay, Ontario,  One of our core beliefs is the understanding that all life is a gift and each of us has a ministry to share.  Through our worship and celebration, adult education programs, committee work and children’s ministry, folks find a place where their gifts can be used and where a deeper sense of purpose for life can be nurtured and shared.  The people of St. Andrew’s live in a “both/and” kind of world  for the St. Andrew’s community has taken to heart the gospel imperative to draw the circle of community wide. Our Mission Statement directs us to share the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing spiritual growth, caring for creation, and being with those in need.    

Our Sunday Worship is a central component of life at St. Andrew’s. It is a time prayerful inspiration and wonderful music that feeds the spirit. Throughout the remainder of week the people of St. Andrew’s engage in meaningful community  ministry reaching out  through additional worship opportunities, visiting with the elderly and infirm, activities of environmental stewardship, and assisting those who are needing assistance and need to know that someone cares.  Our gracious old building and the people of St. Andrew’s are welcoming, friendly, inclusive, and relevant . With “open hearts, open minds and open doors” our faith family respectfully welcomes all members of our the Church from the eldest to the youngest and indeed for anyone who comes through our doors.  St. Andrew’s history also shows that for decades the members of St. Andrew’s have taken  social justice issues to heart and we continually assess in the now, how our actions as a community of faith impact on those around us. Looking to the future, the challenge we face  will be to build the size of our congregation at all age levels  through meaningful spiritual and social engagement.  

Communication is becoming increasingly valued in developing a sense of belonging and being connected.  St. Andrew’s has developed presences on facebook and Instagram to keep its members and the North Bay  community aware of the church’s many worthwhile activities and initiatives. We are also working to make our communication with each other more open and inclusive, in order to continue to serve the needs of the congregation’ Since 2013 our community has been  an Affirming congregation in the United Church of Canada   Our Statement of Affirmation and Inclusion and our Marriage Policy reflect our willingness to help LGBTQ people celebrate and ritualize their relationships in marriage.  An Inclusion Committee helps the congregation to continue to learn and to broaden our circle of fellowship and faith. The rainbow decals at both doors of the church and on our Church sign declare that we celebrate the wide diversity and gifts of all of God’s children and, as one of our hymns gladly celebrates, ” All are welcome in this place!”

NOTES (video ideas)…
The words in Bold Type are some of possible video recording options:

Mission Statement …  let’s present the statement as being read (and explained)  by some older and younger people with some possible “scenes”  being shot to illustrate the following:

  • nurturing spiritual growth– church service – wed. worship-
  • caring for creation- weeding Sweetman’s  or St. Andrew’ s Garden
  • being with those in need- church groups (NA/AA) – “Loaves & fishes”  food bank interviews

wonderful music – a video of the choir and other musicians

social justice issues  -an interview with Stuart  – or a visit to a Transition Town meeting –– Seed Exchange and Ecofair – pipeline issues

Affirming Congegation – Kevin’s video of Pride Parade and maybe a “Rainbow potluck” visit

Statement of Affirmation and Inclusion – read by three or four  people both straight and LGBQTS2