Church Staff

Tracy Davis

Designated Lay Minister
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Tracy Davis is a Designated Lay Minister (DLM) and has been serving the people of St Andrew’s since 2002. Tracy’s ministry focuses on worship leadership ( including weddings and funerals), pastoral care (visiting and counselling), and the usual day-to-day operations of our big and busy church.  She welcomes the opportunity to minister at St Andrew’s and is grateful for the love, care and concern so generously shared with her and her family. Tracy continues to work and is excited about the community involvement of many St. Andrew’s members that extends well beyond the four walls of our building and the impact this has on the lives of people in our neighborhood and broader community.

Tracy greatly respects and supports the spiritual journeys that people are on, always feels privileged to be part of the lives of the many individuals she meets, and enjoys offering “food” for thought and challenge.

Ralph Johnston

Minister of Music
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In his music ministry, Ralph’s focus is on directing choirs and composing original (energetic and inspirational) music. His talent in directing theatrical productions is appreciated as well!