Church Staff

Rev. Jane Howe (Retired)

After serving as St. Andrew’s Minister for 22 years, Rev. Jane Howe has retired. We will miss her thought-provoking and deeply spiritual messages, and her special way of  “being-with, talking-with and caring-for folks”!

We ask that you direct your messages for St. Andrew’s to Tracy Davis, D.L.M whose means of contact can be found below.

Tracy Davis

Designated Lay Minister
E-mail Tracy Davis

Tracy works part-time and focuses on programs for younger folks and pastoral care. She is also the contact person for the weekly Loaves & Fishes foodbank program that is administered through the church.

Ralph Johnston

Minister of Music
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In his music ministry, Ralph’s focus is on directing choirs and composing original (energetic and inspirational) music. His talent in directing theatrical productions is appreciated as well!