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Sunday Worship at St. Andrew’s: New Protocol – Vaccine Passports

New Approach to Covid Protocol in Worship Attendance

When the Ontario government opened up more venues to larger capacity, it also offered places of worship the option of moving away from restricted capacity that maintained physical distancing of two meters to requiring vaccination passports for attendance. The Church Council met on November 16th and considered which option would best serve the congregation. The Council has approved the move to requiring vaccination passports for attendance at worship.

This decision has been taken after the carefully considering the needs of the congregation. The discussion included:

  • First and foremost the safety of those attending worship
  • The upcoming Advent-Christmas season and the likelihood that more people would want to attend worship, particularly on Christmas Eve
  • The need for increased support at the door so that people can attend without too much delay in entering the building
  • Concern for those who may not be vaccinated and the congregation’s pastoral concern for them be met as far as possible.

We want you to know what this means in terms of you attending worship beginning November 28, 2021, the first Sunday of Advent and the day we have a gathering to talk about transition ministry after church, as well as the Advent Adventure for children and youth.

You will need to show your vaccination passport and a piece of identification as you enter the building. This will be required each time you attend worship. A phone call to the Public Health Unit has found that it is not in keeping with privacy of information regulations to maintain a roll of those who have shown their passports and to use that from week to week. So please be patient, as those working the door meet the public health guidelines and ask for your passport and ID (even though they know you).

Children under 12 can attend with a parent/guardian who has a vaccination passport.

Masking will be required.

Distancing is encouraged when possible. If there is space in the sanctuary you are encouraged to keep your family bubble together and to leave some space between groups of people. This just makes sense as an added layer of safety.
Movement in the sanctuary will still be minimized and visiting in the aisles is discouraged.

St. Andrew’s will continue to record and offered worship through its YouTube channel, and to keep folks up to date through the weekly online newsletter.

There is no longer a need to call the church office and make a reservation for Sunday worship, but do plan to arrive in enough time to show your passport and be seated by 10:30.

The Council hopes that this will provide an opportunity for more people to return to in-person worship safely and comfortably. Of course, should health protocols change due to an increase in cases, this practice will be reviewed and updated.

See you in worship!


Stewardship ... it's a way of life

There are many ways that people support the ministry of the congregation. Some volunteer many hours of time. Some share particular abilities and talents on a regular basis to enhance worship life, or care for the property or make caring phone calls. And many support the ministry of the congregation with financial contributions.

Stewardship is not a few weeks a year when we focus on the financial needs of the congregation. It is an invitation to think about and act out of gratitude for the gifts God has shared with you.

You are invited to think about how your life is inspired by the ministry of St. Andrew’s. And then to ask yourself, in what ways could you share time, talent and
treasure to support and make that ministry more vibrant?

St. Andrew’s needs you. We need people willing to give leadership. We need talented folk willing to use their gifts to enhance our life together. We need financial resources to provide worship, a church home, programs and staff.

Each Sunday (up to Nov. 14) there will be a Stewardship insert in the bulletin.

Stewardship Insert - Sunday, October 17th

Stewardship Insert - Sunday, October 24th

Stewardship Insert - Sunday, October 31st

Stewardship Insert - Sunday, November 7th

Stewardship Insert - Sunday, November 14th

ONLINE Worship – November 21, 2021 – Sunday Service

Order-of-Service – Sunday, November 28, 2021

Click **here** to view/download the order-of-service for the Sunday, November 28, 2021 service on the St. Andrew’s YouTube Channel.   There is also a Communion Insert for this Sunday which can be downloaded **here**.


Mission Statement

St. Andrew’s is an inclusive and affirming Christian community of faith worshiping God and serving others. Inspired by Holy Scripture and guided by tradition, reason, and experience, we share the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing spiritual growth, caring for creation, and being with those in need.

 St. Andrew’s United Church is an Affirming congregation within the United Church of Canada. We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and nurturing community where all are welcome. We delight in the goodness and grace of God as expressed through the diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, ability or economic circumstance. We give thanks for the richness of the Spirit among us and in the work we are called to do in the world.

St. Andrew’s YouTube Channel

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Transitional Supply Minister – Rev. Lillian Roberts

We are moving forward into a new chapter in the life of St. Andrew’s. Reverend Lillian Roberts has agreed to serve as our Transitional Supply Minister  snd she started on February 15, 2021.

She will be absent for July and August but will be returning to St. Andrew’s (3/4 time) in September.

Lillian has recently retired from her position as the Pastoral Relations Minister with the Canadian Shield Regional Council and has agreed to come out of retirement to help us navigate through the changes that are happening, and to discover our direction forward.

Rev. Roberts offers the following messages of introduction: