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The Re-Opening (COVID Protocol) Committee met this week and considered
whether it was time to lift masking requirements. After consideration of the active
cases in our area, the softening of masking requirements in most venues, and the
level of risk of gathering in the sanctuary, the following was decided:

Beginning Sunday, June 19th

  • masks will not be mandatory once a person is seated in the sanctuary;
  • masking is required during entering and exiting the building and sanctuary;
  • social distancing is encouraged as there is lots of space in the sanctuary for those attending;
  • singing is allowed without a mask;
  • those wishing to continue to mask are encouraged to do so.
  • As always, should there be public health reasons to review the protocols, the Re-opening Committee will do so and inform the congregation.

Reports approved at the congregational meeting (June 5th):

The congregation approved the report of the Profiles Committee at the June 5th meeting There are four profiles that have been approved:

St. Andrew's Living Faith Story

Current Financial Viability Report

Supply Minister Job Description

Suggestions from the Profile Committee

The Profiles Committee is recommending that the congregation seek a 3/4 time ministry
personnel supply appointment for the next 12—18 months.

The Transition Team report was also accepted. : Transition Team Final Report - May 2022

Minutes of the congregational meeting will be posted as soon as possible.


With the return to in-person worship, a video recording of the Sunday morning service will still be posted on the St. Andrew's YouTube Channel later on Sunday evening. We remind you that all our service videos remain on the channel for several months and you can watch them as often as you wish - and at anytime of the day or night.

ONLINE Worship – Sunday, June 26, 2022

Sunday JUNE 26, 2022 - Order of Service

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At the Annual General Meeting on March 27, 2022, the congregation passed a motion to name the parlour at St. Andrews "The Lois E. Carey Parlour" in recognition of her many years of service to our church. Below is a tribute to Lois outlining her contribution to our faith community.
Lois Carey

Lois Carey served in the position of Secretary of the St. Andrew’s Church Council for 33 years, until her retirement in December of 2021. She was a dedicated worker who was always willing to put in the extra time and effort to make sure the Council minutes were properly recorded and posted in a timely manner.  Lois was the “go to” person for anyone who needed procedural guidance or information about Council policy and implementation. Often heard were the words,  “Just ask Lois – she’ll know the answer!”

Even with her Council responsibilities, Lois still found time to organize events such as the Mothers Day Spring Tea in May and the Kid’s Only Bazaar in December. Her contribution towards the enrichment of congregational life at St. Andrew’s is sincerely appreciated.  

While she was Council Secretary, Lois also became our church Historian. She always had a strong interest in not only recording the history of St. Andrew’s but also in making it available to all. With her camera constantly at the ready, Lois was able to chronicle the events of our church in action (including the Sunday services) and she would frequently update the photo gallery that she created in the McIntyre hallway. Lois also looked after the showcase in the Narthex which presents documents, photos, newspaper clippings, and items from St. Andrew’s past in an artfully arranged and inviting display. For many years Lois also prepared the St. Andrew’s Annual Report in which she included her Historian’s Report listing the ministers and interns that have served our church.

The historical records that Lois gathered during her time as Historian are located in the St. Andrew’s parlour. This location is not only a place of quiet reflection but for many it is gathering point where the God’s Spirit is felt and the history of our church in image and word, serves as a source of strength and inspiration for those on their journey. 

On March 8, 2022, the St. Andrew’s Church Council approved the renaming of the room referred to as the Parlour at St. Andrew’s United Church. Henceforth this special place shall be known as the Lois E. Carey Parlour. May God truly bless all who gather there.

In making this declaration, the St. Andrew’s faith community acknowledges the generous work of a sincere and dedicated volunteer. It is St. Andrew’s way of saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

St. Andrew's Mission Statement

St. Andrew's is an inclusive and affirming Christian community of faith worshiping God and serving others. Inspired by Holy Scripture and guided by tradition, reason, and experience, we share the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing spiritual growth, caring for creation, and being with those in need.

 St. Andrew's United Church is an Affirming congregation within the United Church of Canada. We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and nurturing community where all are welcome. We delight in the goodness and grace of God as expressed through the diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, ability or economic circumstance. We give thanks for the richness of the Spirit among us and in the work we are called to do in the world.

St. Andrew’s YouTube Channel

Click on the YouTube image above to visit the St. Andrew’s YouTube Channel. All current and past recorded Sunday and special services are archived here – and may be viewed anytime.

A Message of Farewell – Rev. Lillian Roberts

Ending of the Transition Covenant

The Christian life is not so much a destination as a journey. God travels with us always, and people join us along the way. There are times of welcoming fellow travelers, and there are times of bidding one another farewell. Today we share the time of farewell as I end my appointment as transitional supply. I thank St. Andrew’s, its members and friends, for the love kindness and support shown me over this time. With joy I recall the many things we have been able to accomplish together, and with confidence in your future ministry I entrust our unfinished tasks to your care.

As you experience the uncertainty of change and the insecurities of moving on, may you also experience the blessing of inner growth and the excitement of new beginnings. God’s blessing be on you.

Rev. Lillian Roberts
(Rev. Lillian’s last Sunday with St. Andrew’s was June 11th)