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St. Andrew's is an Affirming Congregation

Sunday Service
10:30 am

Wednesday Worship
12 noon in the Chapel

Church Office Hours
10 am to1 pm - Mon to Fri

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Our Mission Statement

St. Andrew’s is a Christian community of faith worshipping God and serving others. Inspired by Holy Scripture and guided by tradition, reason, and experience, we share the ministry of Jesus Christ by nurturing spiritual growth, caring for creation, and being with those in need.

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St. Andrew's is fully
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How to Find Us ...

We're in downtown North Bay, at the wedge where McIntyre, Cassells and Algonquin meet. The only parking available is limited to on-street parking on McIntyre and Algonquin. Folks park anywhere they can find in the blocks around the church.

Better yet, take transit and be a friend of the environment.  Many buses (Hornell, Pinewood & Campus routes) stop right across the street from the McIntyre entrance. We are a short walk from the Oak Street bus terminal.



Joining our Congregation...

We extend a warm welcome to all - whether you are a visitor, a friend, or a member. If you are not already a member of of St. Andrew's congregation and might be considering making St. Andrew's your church, the information below may be helpful.

Within our tradition, one can officially join our congregation in one of three ways.

By Transfer - if you are already a member of another congegation in good standing, we can request that your membership be transferred from your previous congregation.

By Affirmation of Faith - if you are new to church and haven't been baptized, we can provide preparation for adult baptism and you can be received as a new member through the Sacrament of Baptism.

By Re-affirmation of Faith - if this is a return to church for you after a period of being away and you are baptized, we can receive you as a new member through re-affirmation of faith.

For more information, please speak with a member of the Church Staff, or call the Church Office.

I am the Vine - ye are the branches


Sincere thanks to the following members of the St. Andrew's faith family whose images, artwork, text, and inspiration have been incorporated into this website:

Lois Carey, Donna Sinclair, Tim Robertson, Judith Ingwersen, Bob Syme, Derek Stott, Rev. Jane Howe, Tracy Davis, Gord Hamden, and Ralph Johnston

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